Software engineer, specifically in the area of web development; Specializing in JavaScript development (client-side and Node.js) and client / server communications (REST / AJAX / web sockets). Nine years of experience in web development.

  • 9+ years of web development (HTML5 and CSS3) and experience with cross-browser development (including experience writing code to support IE)
  • 9 years of JavaScript Experience (client-side and Node.js); Experience with several frameworks and libraries such as jQuery, Underscore/Lodash, and Dojo, as well as writing custom framework code
  • Experience with client-side MVC frameworks such as Backbone.js and Angular
  • Web application development writing RESTful APIs on the server as well as writing client-side code to consume RESTful API endpoints
  • 6+ years experience using SQL databases
  • 5+ years experience using No-SQL Databases (namely redis and mongo / mongoose)
  • Capable of using Linux, Windows, and Mac Computers
  • Command-line use, system administration, and shell scripting
  • 6+ years experience with PHP writing website backends
  • 3+ years experience with Python as a tool for writing command-line tools



HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including ES6), PHP, Python, SQL


JSON, AJAX, Web Sockets, MVC, Node.js, Promises/A+, Web Components


Angular, Polymer, jQuery, Underscore/Lodash, Expressjs, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Foundation, Wordpress


Git, SublimeText, Grunt, Make, Pivotal Tracker, Liquid Planner, Heorku, Slack


Ubuntu Linux, Windows, Mac, DOS, Debian


Clark College (Vancouver WA) 2008 - 2010

Studied web design and development for two years.

Recent Experience

Front End Engineer at Nike

March 2015 - Present

Worked on the front-end for an internal business management application.

  • Added numerous updates and improvements to the existing application.
  • Worked on a completely new feature set in the application, assisting with architecture of the new application components.
  • Developed new user interface and front-end internals for the new feature set working with AngularJS.
  • Designed and developed collection of modular libraries and web components for constructing new web SPAs.

Owner and Lead Engineer at Umbra Engineering

June 2012 - Present

Owned and operated; A company specializing in JavaScript and Node.js development.

  • Managed several projects both from the ground up, as well as coming into a partially completed project.
  • Developed RESTful API server with Node.js split across several processes. Server was developed as a replacement for an old Java server, transitioning endpoints and features from one server to another while avoiding downtime and allowing the new and legacy server to communicate via a Redis bus.
  • Developed a responsive website UI to replace an old version that did not work correctly on non-standard screen sizes.

JavaScript Developer at GreatVines LLC

November 2013 - July 2014

Developed user interface and backend code for phonegap mobile app.

  • Made upgrades to UI using Backbone models/partially custom view-controller system.
  • Used several libraries including jQuery and underscore.
  • Developed application using a Promises based infrastructure.
  • Worked on custom, Node.js based logging server and analytics dashboard.

Front-end Developer at viaLanguage

October 2012 - June 2013

Developed user interface for several web applications.

  • Built UI using MVC framework/arcitechture, consuming a Python RESTful API.
  • Used several libraries including jQuery and underscore.
  • Designed responsive UI for public facing application, to be consumed on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Software Engineer (Independent Contractor) at Thought Propulsion

February 2011 - February 2012

Client-side JavaScript development, web application optimization, added new features to dynamic web application.

  • Entered into the project after it had already been released to clients; Got up to date on the project and making worthwhile updates within a few days.
  • Worked with Dojo web framework.
  • Focused on bug fixes, code optimizations, and new features for the existing user base.
  • Application was built to work on desktop, tablet, and mobile environments.

Open Source Works

Developed several open source works which can be found on GitHub ( and